#heart #spring

photo 2-1Tee and I currently rent our house, which is perfect for us at this moment in time.  

However, one thing that goes along with renting is a hesitancy to contribute to the landscape, especially contributing something you may not be around to enjoy.  Every year, I want to plant strawberries – but Tee reminds me that we won’t be able to enjoy them until next year.  With asparagus, we wouldn’t be able to eat it for several years – and who knows if we’ll even be in the same house at that point?  

However, this year I wa10d0b879181e0cd105ebcc0c0e9e40f1s able to convince Tee to plant tulip and wildflower bulbs with me in the fall.  And we are enjoying the beauty of them now!  There are little surprises popping up every day.  Someday when we have our farm, there will be flowers EVERYWHERE.  For now, I am enjoying the sweetness of this house and these flowers and the memory of planting them with Tee.        

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