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This week has been hectic and crazy and emotional, for a lot of different reasons.  When I feel hectic and crazy, I journal and I write, but it can be kind of all-over-the-place, sans topic or format or theme.  8611204410_33c86be477

I decided to post one of my favorite TED Talks, Brene Brown’s talk on listening to shame, because I’ve been feeling vulnerable, and I think it’s related to what Brene says about women and shame – we want to be able to do everything, do it perfectly, and never let anyone see us sweat.  That’s definitely what I want – to always be smiling and happy and to handle everything with grace and poise.  Even the stuff that makes me want to pull my hair out or cry in public.  I know I shouldn’t need to appear perfect and unruffled to the world, and I’m working on it – progress not perfection.

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