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I’ve been really into reading mysteries lately.  My local library in Monkton, Maryland, had a Valentine’s Day gimmick; they wrapped up certain books in pink, red, or purple tissue paper and invited library-goers to have a “blind date with a book.”  The books they chose were meant to inspire people to “read outside of their comfort zone.”  My first blind date was with Missing You, by Harlan Coben, who apparently is a well-known mystery/thriller writer who I’d never hindexeard of before.

The thrill of mysteries is alluring; I’m not sure why, but it’s clear that for me they are.  I loved this book – not really because of Mr. Coben’s writing, but because of his imagination and his talent with crafting a mysterious, compelling plot.

Compelling has been one of my favorite words lately, and it’s what I most look for in novels.  I want a book to be compelling; I want to open it, be swept up in it, and to feel compelled to keep reading.  I often have the feeling of just trying to get through a book, and I don’t like it.  I’m currently in one of those between-books ruts, and am trying to decided which book to devote myself to next – stay tuned.

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