#reflection #How’sMyBalance?

Every so often, I intend to take a moment of reflection, checking out how I am doing at feeding all the different parts of me – heart, soul, mind, and body.  This time, I’m including a brief reminder about how I feed each of these elements of self.

#heart: I take care of my #heart by spending time with family and friends.  Since starting this blog, I’ve included only one post that involved spending time with family and friends.  (Boo, KEM!)

This abysmal showing actually doesn’t surprise me.  I spend a ton of quality time with Tee, who I love and cherish; we genuinely adore each other and spend lots of time talking together, adventuring together, and just being together.  (Some of my favorite weekend mornings are spent curled up in our rainbow living room, Tee watching a soccer game, me doing a crossword, with only sporadic interactions between us.)  As I blog more, I will try my best to do some blogging that highlights these beautiful big and small moments of joy and #heart that Tee and I have together.

However, when it comes to spending time with friends, I think I need a lot of work.  Tee and I are both homebody-ish; we love going out and doing new things, but we also love just being at home, reading our books, making food, writing – so it can be a challenge to make sure we are making time to be out and about with friends and also inviting our loved ones into our home for some togetherness.

#soul: I take care of my soul by spending quiet time reflecting and meditating, and by finding meaningful way51tmYTVmuaL._SX355_s to help others.  Since I started blogging, I’ve included four posts that involved soulshine.  (Yay, KEM!)  Exploring Kristen Neff’s audio program, Self-Compassion Step By Step, has inspired me to engage in frequent meditation practice lately.  Writing more consistently and taking time for myself to be still have also been good soul food.

#body: I take care of my body by eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising.  Since starting this blog, I’ve included two posts that involved taking care of my body.

#mind: I take care of my mind by learning and engaging my mind n lots of different ways.  Since starting this blog, I’ve written six posts involving learning and engagement.  (Winning!)  I’ve been on a big reading kick lately, and I tend to be inspired to blog when I learn something new, so that’s likely part of my success there.

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