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Today is Tee’s birthday, and this weekend has been lovely – and very balanced.  Yesterday we had a winter work day for Wild Peace Farm, with a dozen friends volunteering to inoculate mushroom logs, plant seeds, and build bird- and bat-houses.  We ate chili and cornbread afterward, and we got to converse and laugh with some of our favorite people.  #heart

A friend of ours invited us to take a mini-adventure following lunch – looking for spotted salamanders in vernal pools by the Gunpowder River.  (Hopefully I got all these words right; this endeavor took me out of my wheelhouse.)  It was a warm, rainy afternoon.  The salamanders eluded us, but the trickling raindrops and the peace of the woods were like a meditative spell.  #soul

I’m reading two books currently – Self-Compassion and The Boston Girl, both of which I’ll likely discuss another time – and I recently subscribed to the New York Times’ crossword puzzle.  (Note: not the news.  The crossword!)  This morning, while Tee watched some soccer games, I got my butt kicked by the Sunday crossword and made progress in both books.  #mind

For Tee’s birthday, she wanted to hike from Prettyboy Reservoir to Falls Road, along the Gunpowder River.  It was snowy and treacherous in parts, but a rewarding and energizing adventure – just what I needed to kick off my spring exercise routine.  #body

During winter, I find it especially hard to maintain any kind of balance or self-care routine, so it’s been a long time since I had a weekend that nourished all four of my identified quadrants.  Cheers to a spring full of sunshine, vegetables, and balance!

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