why blogging?

I am not sure exactly why I feel compelled to start a blog at this precise moment.  I’ve attempted to start blogs before, but I’ve always ended up feeling too self-conscious to put my thoughts and my words out into the world.

Writing has always been a part of my life.  I don’t go anywhere without a journal and a pen within reach, and there are times when writing has had tremendous healing powers for me.  My motivation to blog is, in part, tied together with my desire and my need to write more.

My tendency is to go to extremes, which is why my current preoccupation is balance.  I will run every day for three months, and then I’ll get on a reading kick and forget to exercise for three weeks.  With most things in life, I think just paying attention to our patterns and bring mindful of our choices is half the battle.  So I will be using this blog to pay greater attention to the choices I make every day, with the hope that this will help me in my quest for balance.

Additionally, there’s a lot happening these days in my life, and I think part of my motivation is to write through some of these experiences and maybe learn something through self-examination.

And if my thoughts add anything worthwhile to the discourse, that’ll just be a happy surprise.  😊

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